Priorities Change And You Lose Yourself

This I discovered as a parent of two kiddies under 10, I have fully committed myself to my relationship and family whilst leaving very little time to myself.  In doing so I had forgotten about all the hobbies and activities I used to enjoy which ranged from Riding Dirt Bikes, Body Boarding, Playing Drums, Electronics, Gaming and having a bachelor approach to paying bills and living off canned spaghetti and toast.


When this was discovered I went on what could only be described as a journey of self discovery ( still on the journey ) to try and bring back some of life’s happiness.  Figuring out what turns ya gears is harder than you would think and so I went through multiple hobbies, putting one down due to boredom before starting another. Luckily for me Wifey is supportive and always gives an excited ear to listen to my adventures.

The first things about myself I discovered is that I enjoy change and trying new things within reason and that I still loved the idea of inventing and being an ideas man.

Using my google research skills I stumbled across toy inventing and selling ideas to major companies.  I have not had any success with this yet but when I got my first rejection back from a large toy company Matel I was super pumped and felt successful,  Wifey was just as excited as me.  Who would have thought I would ever receive an email back from such a well known company.  This was not the last company I submitted ideas too and  it’s still a dream to successfully sell an idea and receive royalties from doing so.

The rush gave me a feeling of happiness in life that I never thought I would feel again. To be well known as a successful business man along with my drive to succeed as well as coming up with exciting new concepts and inventions is always something I felt deep down inside would eventually happen. There has always been slow burning embers that have fed my need to hustle on the side my whole life. Wether it be buying and selling, swapping(mainly on gumtree), finding treasures to on sell,  or thinking of different ways I could make money.


The search for life fulfillment is on going and I believe should never end as you constantly evolve to your surroundings and capabilities. I have many new hobbies and they are growing daily. Blogging, Gold Prospecting, Treasure Hunting, Fitness and Ninja Warrior style training,  Good Food,  Family, Watching series and movies, the list goes on and there is too many to list.

The idea is that you start the search and dont be to depressed If you get bored with one hobby,  put it down and move on as you may revisit it later on.

I hope to share my adventures with you on this site and let you know when I’m successful in order to give you that no BS info you want hot off the press.



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