Massage Your Senses

As you join the ranks of the common dirty deviet searching for a Sensual ASMR Video and feeling like a perv looking for weird porn, you should take a moment and chill. Apparently alot of people watch ASMR so don’t feel bad.

Yes I have watched a sneaky video here and there and yes I get some head tingles occasionally but I have two questions that normally arise around this subject,

What are your favourite channels for ASMR?

Is ASMR being used daily in marketing?


I’ll begin with my first favourite go to ASMR dealer, her showbiz name is ASMR Darling.

I liked her because she had good quality Vids and sound, she wasn’t seedy at all and she is dedicated to the fans. It still amazes me that it works and I have mainly used it for relaxation before bed.

I then found Lune Innate when looking for a good meditation,  she has recently done more Asmr type Vids and I find her voice to be like ear candy and relaxing which is a good combination for Asmr.

As for the use of Asmr in advertising it has to be a definite yes,  even if they don’t realise it.

Hoomans respond amazingly to visual stimulation and audio stimulation,  so much so that you can sometimes taste that delicious food being smashed into your face by the TV. Is it wrong?  Nah if it works then good on them, even IKEA have created their own Asmr video.


If you have a favourite Asmr artist please leave it in the comments so the rest of us can check them out…

Until then I will Continue the conversation with myself


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