I’m your little piggy

I have been searching for ways to make money online, working from home, working for yourself and doing online marketing for so many years on and off I’ve come to the conclusion that unless I actually spend some money owning(renting) my on web address and pages I am just not going to get anywhere fast.

This is a risk in itself that I have never been that keen on taking as you may well know already, I like change and I get bored so applying myself to something that can take years to build was always going to be a challenge.

There are Sooooooo many bloody hints and tips online it gets overwhelming and confusing so here is the plan I have come up with in my super powered brain. I will be your guinea pig and try out a few things, as I go along I will blog about it and fill you in on any sites or information you can use to get your yellow brick road to financial freedom started.

For all you fellow bloggers out there feel free to leave comments that could help out potential punters and offer a warm cuddle to those struggling but determined to make a difference to their own financial situations.

As I’ve said before, I will only write about things that interest me and I care about so feel free to read this information and share it around so we can all have a week bite of the sweet pie of success.

To start things off for now I will give you a quick run down of my current situation.

Started a new blog page(this one through WordPress )  paid up for a year so I can give it a good go. If you go for a free version your options, layouts and advertising can be minimised if not completely unavailable. I then created a page off the back of my facebook account,  the rules have changed and you can no longer post directly on to facebook so you need to view the blog post and click the sharing button and copy to clipboard. You can then go to your facebook page and create a post and paste the link that way. I have done this with all of my posts to date.

Once they were all copied to facebook I have run a one day promotion on the facebook page and selected four countries and tags. This cost $7.

I will report back with more information about how the promotion goes and how many likes/comments I receive if any.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any questions .

Cheers and I’ll keep you posted




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