I’ve Always Known I Was Different

What I mean by this is I have always hustled and felt I was going to make it eventually, financially and personally.

No this isn’t a amazon entrepreneur program, well not yet anyway.

I’m no orphan when it comes to hard times in life but this blog is not about me whinging to you, this is a blog for you too follow and be motivated or finally recognise you are awesome and can do things others can’t. You can do things others can’t because they are too proud, too ignorant, lack drive or a just flat out happy with how their lives are. No problem people, you can stay where you are.

You may have read in other blogs that I have swapped, traded, picked and hustled on and off throughout my life and this has helped me own a range of fully sick vehicles, bikes, boats and general goodies.

I have tried schemes, Amway, Herbalife, Webinars and many other things to try and beat the race. Nothing has made me rich but I have gained a mass of information and knowledge along the way.

The most important thing I have learnt as you will find out following my blogs is that honesty is the key.

People aren’t stupid or blind and most of us know when we are being sold too or taken for a ride. This has put me off having an online business or a business of my own due to the belief that I couldn’t do that to people and I would fail, the other thing that stopped me was the concern for the opinions of my friends and family.

This is partly why I haven’t got my real name plastered all over the site but don’t worry as when I get emails working and I respond to you guys, We will build a relationship of sorts to make sure you get what you need and can have your answers seen to. You can currently email this site if you have questions in the meantime.

So for now the key is giving yourself a break and silently giving yourself a pat on the back and say shit son you’ve done well. You’ve done well because even searching and trying to be different or make a change for your family makes you a success. Others just talk about their family struggles but never pull their fingers out and try make a change.

I want you to take some time to think about all the things you have done in life and what you have learnt, this knowledge will serve you well as we progress further along into this journey together.

Welcome to the life investors family


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