How To Dad Up Your Investment In Life

Have you spent time thinking about any steps you took previously and any knowledge you gained through your life that has directed you in the same direction as me? If not then stop fapping and invest some time into you daddy.

I do this type of thinking regularly, especially whilst I try to calculate the best and easiest way to make money with a side hustle and to increase general happiness in my life.

Side Hustle

I’ve started and run about 5 different facebook pages, Alot of energy was invested on a couple in particular but you guessed it I lost interest or time to keep them going.

Me and Wifey have imported goods and started a business just to discover how difficult it is if you don’t have a special niche and can’t compete with bigger businesses.

We’ve bought goods wholesale. We did manage to sell our first two stock orders, they were only small with us out laying about $500 in total and selling for a total of about $650 give or take.

I have tried multiple exercise forms and techniques on and off most of my life but unfortunately never consistently kept them up long enough to be fully ripped.

I’ve done meditation and self hypnosis thanks to YouTube

I have also listened to alot of books and podcasts about life mentally and physically as well as financially and believe that I have come up with some steps combining all the information I have absorbed.

Currently I am looking at many types of ways to make money online, I will share every step with you.

Finding My Niche

This is my second try at blogging although this time it’s very different. Learning that I get bored and that free blog sites didn’t work for me I have taken the steps to pay for this WordPress page for around $120 aud for twelve months as it comes with more features and I was planning on trying to put some ads on my pages to see what happens.

This is why I have started investor dad, he is still MrRandom except now he has a niche. My writing style is the same and I write when I feel I need to share or get something of my hairy nipples (chest),

Letting Go

so how do you vent stress or clear ideas blockage?

I find getting the ideas out one at a time either by writing or cataloguing them and physically trying to make them works best for me. You release repetitive ideas and create room for fresh thoughts to flow. This technique can also help with darker more difficult issues as well…

Another technique I learnt is letting go of feelings. This technique suggests that you have to realise mentally that sadness, anger and so on are just feelings and you can separate yourself from them in a way that allows you to just observe them and the way they make you feel.

By just observing the feelings and not trying to stop them is actually allowing the energy that accompanies the feeling to be released and flows until the feeling wears off. This stops you from

Bottling Up Your Feelings

OK so we’ve reassessed our life’s lessons, we’re going to look at finding a niche, we’re going to work on letting go to allow new ideas to flourish and move our life towards financial freedom.

So please have a think about what you think you are good at. Ask family and friends what they think you’re good at.

Make a list of things you could do too take advantage of your skill set and if any really spark an interest then do some internet research on competition, customers, market for that item/service ” Is it flooded with similar ideas”. We are making good progress now. Well Done

I hope you are enjoying the slow progress into my world as I fill you in on all the tips and techniques I’ve learnt along my journey..

I would like to hear more from you guys, send in emails or comment below, do you have an idea you want me too try or look into? Do you like what you’re reading? Do you like to


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