Today my excitement levels lifted through the roof due to learning about Blue Origin and the founder Jeff Bezos.

I listened to a podcast filled with Jeff Bezos answering questions about Amazon, business and Blue Origin.

If you are not aware already he is working flat out trying to get Hoomans into the future with space tourism and travel. His drive to offer a new lifestyle option to the next generations is nothing but awesome.

I still wonder if we could manage to make mind transferring possible we could eliminate the need for oxygen and make our move off this planet so. Much quicker but there are so many issues that could cause for us as a race.

Blue Origin project New Shepard allows you to put your name down and jump on the waiting list for a tiki tour into space, experience weightlessness and became the ultimate adventurer.

If we can develop a way to live in the weightless environment of space it makes our dreams of hover boards, hover cars and other flying contraptions a real possibility.

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk really awaken the inventor child within me as they reach for the so called Impossible.

Hopefully one day you’ll seey name of the net,

Mr Random Creates The First City In Space

We could even create a sort of force field type ozone layer and still a turd load of solar panels just into orbit to power earth.

I’ll leave you with this, If you had a dreams of inventing or had visions of things that seemed to be impossible or improbable please re-awaken those dreams/visions and feed yourself content around these subjects as you may hold the key to our future.

Don’t let your mind be the final frontier.

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