Happiness is just a positive thought away they say.

You can control your emotions and feelings they say.

People don’t require anti depressants they say.

My Opinion

I was thinking about asking if you would like my opinion but this is my blog so here it is. I think there is a major lack of compassion in the world, There are too many people ready to pass judgement on others.

The problem is we actually need those opinionated people in the world, how boring would it be if you could actually make everyone happy.

What cranks my handle is when someone makes a claim that they have the answer and it fits everyone.


mate, unless you’ve tested under the correct circumstances and had qualified teams monitor the outcomes over a period of time you ain’t got shit.

Don’t get online and start claiming that people suffering depression for example can just stop their medication and choose to be happy.

Instead let’s make time to put our own issues aside and show compassion, just listen and accept someone as they are.

You may not be able to help forever and sometimes it becomes too difficult to support others, don’t feel bad if this happens as you can’t allow yourself to feel responsible for how others are feeling.

Positive thinking for me is driven by the idea of having a world of possibilities in front of me, planning time with family, helping others and constantly searching for activities I enjoy.


Did I mention exercise? No MrRandom you didn’t…. Ooops

Get your butt up and exercise because this is a natural way to induce happiness.

Get out there in the world and create happiness for others and enjoy the journey, you may be surprised where it leads you.



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