Let there be ad’s

I have hit the button on allowing ads on my blogs, this required very little work on my part as you will see when it is time. This was done through Word Ads but I have only had them placed at the bottom of my blogs just to see what happens. So far I don’t believe there has been any clicks and I’m still not rolling around covering myself in money unfortunately.

I’ll keep you posted on the ad’s and their progress.

Trading In The Stock Market

This is my next adventure, the biggest thing slowing me down was finding a broker, you can’t trade without one apparently. I have been dreaming of trading ever since grade 9/10 in highschool and I was sitting next to a fellow student who was trading through his dad.

He would tell me stories about checking the latest reports and buying and selling. He had even made a small profit at one stage, BOOM I was hooked.

After years ton and off googling I felt I couldn’t trust these websites and brokers. What to do?

I decided that I would join my banks trading division as I felt like I could trust them considering they were already handling all of my hard earned. It cost nothing to join all I needed was basic personal details and I was away. Chur boi I’m now registered but yet too make my first purchase as I need some funds to play with. I am looking to try Penny Stocks first so I don’t loose too much money, I am also yet to look at the minimum buy amounts etc. Regardless I am pumped and soon will be a trader.

I figure it’s like gambling and it needs to be monitored as well as expecting that you could loose your money. With all that in mind watch this space as I will inform you of my progress.

So what to take away from this blog? The constant search and effort towards your dreams, doing a little everyday helps you to reach your goals. Keep up the hustle people.

Catch Ya


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