Drop Shipping

You guessed it punters, today I am starting my drop shipping adventure.

“But you have just started three other things ” I hear you say.

Yes……Yes I have and the more things I start to embark on at once the more it seems to feed and fuel my drive and excitement.

This new side hustle was always in the background but I just didn’t seem to be listening or be ready.

In the last few days I have listened to podcasts on this very subject which has given me the push to just take the plunge and try yet another way to supplement my income.

What is Drop Shipping you say, well please read on.

First I must make this clear and inform you that I have done bugger all homework on the products and completed zero market research on pricing, I have done this on purpose in an effort to keep it simple and allow me to just make a start.

Here is what I did in point form for you

  1. Listened to podcasts outlining instructions on drop shipping.
  2. Found a product on Amazon (LED smart RGB light globe was my first choice) purely because I like new technology and they are cheap.
  3. Saved the pics,specs and descriptions from the Amazon product onto my laptop.
  4. Created my EBay account and uploaded all the copied details of the globe from Amazon onto eBay and up for sale
  5. I looked at the Amazon price and postage fees and then went over to eBay and marked it up slightly
  6. Downloaded the eBay app to my phone so I could monitor.

The plan is that when someone see’s your product on eBay and places the order, they will transfer the funds into your account. You then use those funds to purchase the item from Amazon and ship it direct to your buyer.

They did warn of a couple things.

Make sure your suppliers have stock.

Make sure you check the supplier prices..

Apparently there is some software to help with this and if I decide to use it I’ll let you know..

Fingers crossed for me, if this works you should get amongst it yourself.

Stay tuned for more.

Please like, share and make contact. I really appreciate all your support so far. Spread the word.


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