The Easy Way

Or at least I thought it was and so here I am to share it with you, so you too can publish your first e-book and become an “author” like me today.

I decided to investigate how to write a book for two reasons.

  • 1 So I could show my wife how to publish online assisting her to live out a dream
  • 2 Opening up another creative outlet for myself in which I could share some more ideas.

I googled away as I do, spending time investigating any sites that popped up which kept leading me back to Amazon.

Once I had signed up to Kindle on Amazon I proceeded to download KKBC (kindle kids book creator), the next step was illustrations.

I downloaded a couple drawing programs but they were only demos and seemed difficult and time consuming to create anything. This lead to my decision to use the good old Paint which has been on all of our computers for years.

After a couple days of working on my illustrations and text it was finally finished, 6 pages of excellence ready to be taken into the world.

I saved all the pics in a numbered order under the JPEG format, I then loaded up KKBC and followed the steps on the program. It leads you through importing the pages and cover as well as filling in details as you go. Once done hit save for publishing and remember where you saved it.

Things are getting juicy now as you go back into Amazon Kindle, into your bookshelf and hit the button to import your creation. Once again follow the instructions and boom you are done. It allows you to create a blurb and place in tags and subjects. Upon completion of the steps it starts processing the book for you, I was filled with excitement when the message popped up saying congratulations amazon will check out your submission and advise you within 72hrs.

I checked our email the following morning to find my first book had been published. I was pumped and satisfied with my efforts.

I have now written two books and the quality and attention to detail I’m producing is increasing already.

The only downside to this style of publishing is amazon take a massive percentage of any sales you make but if you are honest with yourself does it really matter with your first attempts? I say no. Just getting something published puts you in a fresh position to grow as a writer and keep pursuing a dream.

Writing isn’t for everyone so take some time to get to know yourself and find your why.

Over and out.

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