My Share Portfolio Grows

Mainly because the shares I have purchased are short hold and because they have not had a significant rise in price, selling out now would be a loss due to commission charges.

What have you learnt Daddy

Well I purchased more shares in the same mining company as before but I also added a new E-gaming company into the mix. My forecast for these shares is a fluctuation up and down but in general trending up.

If I find in three months nothing has happened I will look over my plan and go from there. The mining company is slowly trending so there is hope. The E-gaming company had some promising press releases but have been trending down so I guess it’s just a case of patience and sticking to my plan.

Press Releases And P&L’s

One thing I find really awesome is because these companies are listed publicly, they share heaps of information with you in regards to profit and loss, company structure and changes, company direction and planning. This is priceless insight if used correctly. I am just getting in the habit of doing more homework using these resources. Do yourself a favour and check out what they are spinning up.

Because I’m partial to a cappuccino and because of my job I have started to make every Friday the day to sit with a coffee and flick through the Australian Financial Review. I find enjoyment and build my knowledge every time I read the markets movements and local news which can have an effect on pricing. It may only be 15mins of relax time but I feel good every time I do it.

I’d love to hear about your stories of trading and how you go about finding trades and insight.

Hit me up with your feedback and leave me a comment.

Don’t forget to share any blogs you have enjoyed.

Cheers Team

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