OMG how can you talk about death, and embrace in the same blog MrRandom?

Easy my mortal friends and this is why.

If you are afraid or scared of death it has the power to become a major hindrance of life enjoyment due to the concern of death or injury, you may even avoid things all together and never stop to appreciate the precious little time you have to live.

Stop for a minute and take note of everyone around you in your office or in the street and realise that they are all going to die.

Life is lacking in time and so you have limited time to take chances, make changes and love everything and everyone in the world.

Embrace Death

Aubrey Marcus and some of his podcast guests talk regularly about being able to die happy and satisfied with life. Leaving your loved ones behind in this manner also allows them to heal quicker knowing you died happy.

podcast link to Aubrey Marcus

I have only really discovered this thought path and it’s massive potential to change our lives just recently, previously when considering just how short our lives are has thrown me into a spiral of adventure and willingness to take more risks.

You can also see how the mindset may send you down the path of wanting everything now. So take a loan now because why wait hey????

Nah bro This will not help you die happily and free, instead you’ll leave this world in debt and a turd load of unfinished business for your family to clean up.

How To Embrace Death

There are so many steps you could take to accept and celebrate death and life. It’s something that you can think about deeply to discover how you feel about it all. I have a couple suggestions for you and your tribe.

Five Ways To Be Excited About Death

  1. Discuss Life And Death with your family and friends
  2. Plan a ritual or tradition of celebration for the dead or afterlife Day Of The Dead-Wikipedia
  3. Think about the things you would do in life if you weren’t afraid of death
  4. Think about financial risks you have always wanted to take that wont leave you on the street
  5. Meditate, work on gratitude and learn to belong in the world of humans and spread love

This is a very short and basic list and I haven’t spent hours thinking about it so you can see that if you spent quality time searching internally the possibilities could be amazing.

You would not appreciate anything in life if life never ended and why would you? everything would be unlimited and everyone would be around for ever. No longer would you need to rush to show love and make up relations.

Embracing Life

Trying to not fear the end can be easier in theory but feel nearly impossible to truly commite to and believe in. Don’t let this challenge get in the way and always remember that changes you make now are shaping your future. Allow yourself to become you and continue looking for your why as it will give you the most energy and drive to complete your dreams.

Death is the final stage in this life, it may lead to another life or wherever you believe it will lead you but either death is there to remind us that life is really short, we all die eventually and there really isn’t anything you can currently do to stop it so realise your dreams and die happy people.

As the saying goes

Rest In Peace


Die In Turmoil

Imagine your loved ones leaving the world happy, satisfied and comfortable, the relief and joy this can bring is amazing.

Put Your Feet Up And Relax For You Have Completed Life Well

I’ll leave you with one challenge,

Do something extraordinary today .



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