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Law of Attraction

Lift Your Vibe

I have read, listened and watched alot lately around the law of attraction and have come up with the reasons I think it works.

Before you get all opinionated and wander off thinking its all Bullshit take a minute to read this and see how it could work for you. No magic no craziness just pure awesomeness.

Lift Your Vibe

This is talked about often in this world and it relates to the vibration your body emits, A study has been done recently which has shown you can take sound or even voice off an empty chip packet via it’s vibrations so yes things vibrate. So lifting your vibe is supposed to draw other positive vibes your way and hopefully stop attracting the lower vibes that cause everything in life to be hard and difficult. Really this isn’t to hard to believe but I still wasn’t sold.


Next we are told to use manifestations to create the life we want for example

I am prosperous and I am grateful for all the things in my life


Love is coming my way and bringing the perfect roast chicken with it

Maybe minus the chicken but you get what I mean 😋

No only must you use manifestations in multiple ways but you must also believe to your core that they are going to work. This was also difficult to swallow.

Focusing The Mind

Another study I heard about on a podcast was in regards to focusing and unfocusing your mind to allow the answers or path to show itself to you. This made sense,

have you ever noticed that when you’re doing something totally normal like taking a shower or washing the dishes, great ideas pop into your head, Even if you’re not thinking about them?

This is because the mind has had time to process all the information absorbed and come up with a solution subconsciously. Bloody amazing.

My Adventures Using The Answer To Life

So I put my mind to work dreaming that I had already succeeded in some of my dreams and continued to dream bigger, immediately I noticed a change in my drive and excitement for life, This lead to some of the adventures I’ve blogged about previously. I noticed my bank wasn’t running dry before payday and that I had stopped wasting money on junk almost automatically which I assume Is a result of me believing that the money is coming and I wanted it to grow in the bank.

My families drive and excitement had also lifted as if I had helped raise them up even just a little by being driven, determined and happy.

Just as I was building momentum I fell back down again, feeling as if I just wasn’t going to make it and this is as good as it gets. Once I had realised this and spoke it out with the wife I set out to pick myself up again and find the next adventure to go on.

Sounds alot easier in theory I know.

So I believe that the positive sayings and manifestations are great for building yourself up and really allowing you to feel success, this tends to rip the blinkers from your eyes and allow you to see opportunities and possibilities where you just wouldn’t have before. Because you are feeling successful you are keen to give these opportunities a red hot go and lean towards a positive outlook believing that you can achieve anything.

This is where I believe real success is born, not through attraction but the ability to see and act instead of ignoring and staying the same.

Don’t worry about what your friends think and if it really bothers you just don’t tell them what you are doing or trying. Who cares, and what’s the worst that can happen?

Give it a go yourself and let me know how it goes for you. There are Vids on the net containing meditations you can listen to for manifestations, there are podcasts and even movies. Plenty of info around for you to cast your eyes over.

Im glad you found this blog insightful and that you are now trying the law of attraction for yourself, just like this closing paragraph you are using manifestations to create your own dreams and realities. 😊

Hooroo people

Happy hunting

Investor Dad part 8

My Share Portfolio Grows

Mainly because the shares I have purchased are short hold and because they have not had a significant rise in price, selling out now would be a loss due to commission charges.

What have you learnt Daddy

Well I purchased more shares in the same mining company as before but I also added a new E-gaming company into the mix. My forecast for these shares is a fluctuation up and down but in general trending up.

If I find in three months nothing has happened I will look over my plan and go from there. The mining company is slowly trending so there is hope. The E-gaming company had some promising press releases but have been trending down so I guess it’s just a case of patience and sticking to my plan.

Press Releases And P&L’s

One thing I find really awesome is because these companies are listed publicly, they share heaps of information with you in regards to profit and loss, company structure and changes, company direction and planning. This is priceless insight if used correctly. I am just getting in the habit of doing more homework using these resources. Do yourself a favour and check out what they are spinning up.

Because I’m partial to a cappuccino and because of my job I have started to make every Friday the day to sit with a coffee and flick through the Australian Financial Review. I find enjoyment and build my knowledge every time I read the markets movements and local news which can have an effect on pricing. It may only be 15mins of relax time but I feel good every time I do it.

I’d love to hear about your stories of trading and how you go about finding trades and insight.

Hit me up with your feedback and leave me a comment.

Don’t forget to share any blogs you have enjoyed.

Cheers Team

Writing An E-book

The Easy Way

Or at least I thought it was and so here I am to share it with you, so you too can publish your first e-book and become an “author” like me today.

I decided to investigate how to write a book for two reasons.

  • 1 So I could show my wife how to publish online assisting her to live out a dream
  • 2 Opening up another creative outlet for myself in which I could share some more ideas.

I googled away as I do, spending time investigating any sites that popped up which kept leading me back to Amazon.

Once I had signed up to Kindle on Amazon I proceeded to download KKBC (kindle kids book creator), the next step was illustrations.

I downloaded a couple drawing programs but they were only demos and seemed difficult and time consuming to create anything. This lead to my decision to use the good old Paint which has been on all of our computers for years.

After a couple days of working on my illustrations and text it was finally finished, 6 pages of excellence ready to be taken into the world.

I saved all the pics in a numbered order under the JPEG format, I then loaded up KKBC and followed the steps on the program. It leads you through importing the pages and cover as well as filling in details as you go. Once done hit save for publishing and remember where you saved it.

Things are getting juicy now as you go back into Amazon Kindle, into your bookshelf and hit the button to import your creation. Once again follow the instructions and boom you are done. It allows you to create a blurb and place in tags and subjects. Upon completion of the steps it starts processing the book for you, I was filled with excitement when the message popped up saying congratulations amazon will check out your submission and advise you within 72hrs.

I checked our email the following morning to find my first book had been published. I was pumped and satisfied with my efforts.

I have now written two books and the quality and attention to detail I’m producing is increasing already.

The only downside to this style of publishing is amazon take a massive percentage of any sales you make but if you are honest with yourself does it really matter with your first attempts? I say no. Just getting something published puts you in a fresh position to grow as a writer and keep pursuing a dream.

Writing isn’t for everyone so take some time to get to know yourself and find your why.

Over and out.

Investor Dad Part 7

How I Purchased My First Shares

If you are wondering where and how you can start buying your very first stocks on the ASX then read on my friends coz this is how I did it.

After many hours of Google Searches and listening to podcasts I had decided to take a punt and join some trading sites to see what would happen. I quickly found out that they require larger amounts of cash to purchase the stocks, even if they allow you to open the account for free many have minimum initial purchase prices. You must also take into account any brokerage fees that could make coming out of the trade on top near impossible.

My New Mindset

I have adopted a new way of attacking my many projects, when presented with an issue or possible road block that hasn’t actually happened yet I acknowledge it and let it go allowing myself to move forward.

An example of this is ” what if I get ripped off by a dodgey website and lose my money” or “what if I trade poorly while learning and lose a few hundred bucks ”

Get forked what if’s,

ya no bloody good filling my head with concerns and issues that would normally stop me from moving forward. Who cares as long as it doesn’t affect my family. Life is short and must be explored.

Getting Shit Done

That’s how I roll now fellas, so I joined up with one site I found fairly straight forward to use called IG link is below for you, this is provided by me and I Need to let you know that they are not paying me or affiliates with me in any way shape or form. I just want to take work out of getting started for you. They have low brokerage fees and the minimum buy amount on the first stock I purchased was around $90.00aud

IG Trading

Stock Scanning & Screening

After I had joined and had the power to buy stocks I needed to find a way to create setups that I could stick to for trading using the information I had gathered from Google and the podcasts for example, being able to use a program to search the ASX for stocks of a certain price range that had a certain percentage movement and a certain pattern etc. I straight up joined some facebook groups for day trading small caps/penny stocks and asked about scanners.

The one that seemed to be used was Trading View and the link is below for you again no payments or affiliate marketing between myself and them. Purely cutting out the crap for you.


There are training videos to watch and endless information on the net regarding setups and why you should have one or some and stick to them to minimise your loses and maximize your ROI ( return on investment)

I am still learning the site but did manage to buy 400 shares in the mining sector, I am super pumped to have purchased my own stocks and making that dream come true. These I will keep for around 4-6months depending on how they move, I purchased them for 20c each and will sell if they fluctuate up to $1 or I’ll hold if they are on a constant up trend.

If you want to get started this week and your impatient like me then this is one way to go about it. Obviously I am learning and making mistakes as I go, I am in no way offering you advice that is professional, I am purely just wanting to take you on the journey from living week to week to travelling and having cash money to spend on what ever floats my boat.

So don’t be a Nugget Muncher and get yourself amongst it people.


Investor Dad Part 6

Timothy Sykes

Has been hot on my lips the past week or so as I began to study his technique of day trading penny stocks.

For those that don’t know what he does this is my understanding of the setup,

Day trading

Is buying and selling stocks from one company on the same day,

Penny stocks

Are the cheapest stocks you can buy hence “worth a penny”.

Shorting And Covering Stocks

When the stock price is dropping you borrow/sell it at a higher price and then buy it back at a lower price once it’s dropped.

My opinion

Now my initial opinion is that it’s a scam or a program in which you could lose loads of cash but after further research you can see interviews on well known American shows and plentiful amounts of details online about Tim’s success trading the market. Here’s where I am currently stuck.

  • How much do you need to trade
  • How many people is he instructing and due to the possible volume of followers will that affect the strategy
  • How much are the joining fees
  • What is the possibilities of actually making good coin following his lead

So far I have registered to join the challenge and I even chose a date to be contacted for an “Interview” which they never followed through with.

I can see very clearly that they are using sales techniques to sell the coarse and I believe if he is teaching something worthwhile then he should be paid to do so.

My biggest concern is the amount of money required to start. I have read on Google that you need $25,000 in the account to trade international penny stocks and in Australia your initial purchase of a stock is set at a minimum of $500. I can save $500 to get started but how the Fu*k can other middle class or normal families afford to get into the game?

Money In My Wallet

If I had $25,000 sitting around I could afford to just put aside it would have already been given to family members who need assistance right now. If only there was a way to be sponsored by these pro traders just to get you started, I would happily sign and agreement saying that I would pay all sponsored funds back until paid before taking profits for myself but sadly I cannot find anywhere that offers this. I would imagine there would be criteria to meet before being accepted so that only those who put in the effort actually get sponsored.

I need a mentor, someone who is willing to take the time to teach me one on one.

Will you be my daddy trader?

Keeping Motivated

One big lesson learned from the hurdles faced at every turn is that you need to remind yourself of the goal or target and concentrate on getting there, do not focus on the hurdles as they will slow you down. Whenever you hit a wall in progress turn to the side and keep walking or grab a bloody ladder and climb the bastard.

Don’t let anything get in your way .

Leave a comment or get in contact with me, your feedback and questions make my day and give me the drive to bring you the lessons I am learning.



How To Stay Happy

I had a moment today

One of those moments when you are somewhere familiar, a park that I grew up in to be exact. I was lucky growing up with a park at the end of my street that connected me with life long friends and a place I spent alot of time in with my sister.

I was sitting there today with my kids, it had been the first warm day hinting of the season change to come, I could smell the familiar scent of the local trees and grasses, The way the sun sneaks through the trees and the colour it spreads across the green grass, as I look around I see the typical garden in the area which surround me with comfort, memories flood into my tired brain and I’m filled with excitement.

Holy shit I laugh to myself quietly as I realise that the excitement I am feeling is driven by the park and memories. This is the excitement I fealt as a kid and had been feeling quite a lot lately with all my adventures and education into side hustling.

As I was growing up I was filled the energy of life and the endless possibilities and places it could take me. Back then I thought I could be a soldier or a millionaire. I could drive a flash as car and travel all the time. Who was going to stop me?

Society Was Going To Stop Me

I moulded myself away from the outrageous risk taking adventure to the reliable and expected path of career and solid foundation.

I can’t complain too much as it has lead me to my queen and kids as if I had to catch the bus of life to the most generic stops and wait for them to board, now they are on the bus it can go anywhere we want.

This new thinking has reignited something inside of me, the awakening of my mind to the option of following dreams and making them a reality.

If there was a gas leak I would have caused an explosion due to the sparks flying around my soul.

The Excitement Of Life

Is back and the fire is getting brighter and brighter with every action I take towards my goals.

What’s happening is life is starting to look how it did as a kid. I now believe that I can do anything and be anyone again. My goal of being financially free, sharing the wealth with family and travelling the world can and will happen. It is going to happen because I am determined and driven. I am Pumped.

I am just plain F*@k’n excited about it all.

Can this simple switch to reignite life be the answer to so many people’s problems? I’m not sure as I still have my down and angry points but they don’t last as long as they used to.

I can tell you that now I know what the type of excitement is that I am feeling, I will embrace it and allow it to flow through me and my family.

If you think back to when you were a kid what excited you about life? If you had a poor upbringing what kept you going? Maybe you can start your journey of discovery and be reunited with the drive for life.

I am interested to hear your thoughts people.

If you like the idea of being excited about life then please share it with those close to you.

Happy days

Investor Dad part 5

Drop Shipping

You guessed it punters, today I am starting my drop shipping adventure.

“But you have just started three other things ” I hear you say.

Yes……Yes I have and the more things I start to embark on at once the more it seems to feed and fuel my drive and excitement.

This new side hustle was always in the background but I just didn’t seem to be listening or be ready.

In the last few days I have listened to podcasts on this very subject which has given me the push to just take the plunge and try yet another way to supplement my income.

What is Drop Shipping you say, well please read on.

First I must make this clear and inform you that I have done bugger all homework on the products and completed zero market research on pricing, I have done this on purpose in an effort to keep it simple and allow me to just make a start.

Here is what I did in point form for you

  1. Listened to podcasts outlining instructions on drop shipping.
  2. Found a product on Amazon (LED smart RGB light globe was my first choice) purely because I like new technology and they are cheap.
  3. Saved the pics,specs and descriptions from the Amazon product onto my laptop.
  4. Created my EBay account and uploaded all the copied details of the globe from Amazon onto eBay and up for sale
  5. I looked at the Amazon price and postage fees and then went over to eBay and marked it up slightly
  6. Downloaded the eBay app to my phone so I could monitor.

The plan is that when someone see’s your product on eBay and places the order, they will transfer the funds into your account. You then use those funds to purchase the item from Amazon and ship it direct to your buyer.

They did warn of a couple things.

Make sure your suppliers have stock.

Make sure you check the supplier prices..

Apparently there is some software to help with this and if I decide to use it I’ll let you know..

Fingers crossed for me, if this works you should get amongst it yourself.

Stay tuned for more.

Please like, share and make contact. I really appreciate all your support so far. Spread the word.