Where Did The Adventure Begin?

Was it the time I thought I’d build a robot to go to preschool in my place?

Was it when I was around 6 when I built my first basic electric test light?

Was it the time I electrocuted myself trying to rebuild a perfectly good bedside lamp at around 8 ?

Could have been around 9 trying to build my own disco light using a record player and a torch among other things?

Was it the day when I was around 10 that I realised I could buy something from one place and sell it elsewhere for profit?

Around 11 buying at garage sales and swapmeets and on selling to others

Maybe when I was 12 and trying to run a local Retic installation and gardening pocket money business with a couple school mates?

There are many memories like these that I have forgotten along the way,

Memories that show me my drive, inquisitive nature and wild plans have always been there quietly sleeping,

It’s all been lying dormant waiting for me to wake back up from my conforming slumber!

This clearly shows me that I lost myself in the journey too.

Looking back at how I interacted with the world before I found myself conditioned and changed in hope of fitting Into society is very important.

In those innocent day’s we would do anything that we found interesting or enjoyable and do it without a concern for anyone else’s opinion.

Be truly who you are and start the long, slow and enjoyable journey of self discovery.

So much hate and a major lack of understanding create a horrible stench and a heavy weight on social media and life today. You need to know and love yourself to survive the chaos.

Putting It All Together

Gather up your fond memories, write them down and study them hard.

Get to know your inner child, the inner You, the you that gets pure joy from something simple, the you that offers love and enjoys being loved.

The you that can endure the world.

If you are able to really connect with your self the doors to living a free and happy life begin to open in every direction.

But never stop searching for yourself , it is the hunt of your life, one that never ends!

I would love to know what things you did as a child that help to now shape your future.

Please leave me a comment, share and like and show some love.

Hooroo for now

Thank You

Be Like A Grapevine

I was in the shower thinking about how much I love grapes and how much I love the lush green goodness of grapevines in the spring and summer when a thought became entangled within my mind.

I’m like a grapevine, I grow a little & then I’m cut back hard yet still I continue to grow. The longer this happens the stronger my roots become

That my friends is an original from me! Firstly I amazed myself and secondly it is so bloody true. Rams it in ya

I have been growing in this fashion my whole life which explains many things about my personal experiences and life.

Starting out young

buying and selling for a little profit and kick was one of my first growing seasons, just a couple leaves here and there but no fruit.

Then I ventured into my career and skills building, more leaves this year and some vine growth. Still no fruit.

Career changes and some more dabbling in home business etc, more leaves and vine this year with some wee little grapes sour and small. Now I’m really starting to take off.

Again more skills built, position changes at work and road side picking . Leaves everywhere with edible fruit as well as heaps of vine growth.

I think you get the picture now with this grapevine growth style, all the way along you have been training the new growth to grow in a certain direction whilst always staying connected to the original plant and base structure you grew originally.

I’m not sure what you think about this juicy blog but I’m reinvigorated,

Even though right now I might be stuck in the middle of winter with no leaves and remember I’ve just been hacked back to my brown dry stem,

I am still very much alive and healthy. As soon as I start feeling the warmth after some lovely rain I will grow and extend myself once again with fruit for all my family and friends.

I would love to hear your feedback on this idea as a great motivation and confidence booster to help get you through the dark winter shadows.

Happy eating 😊

Investor Dad part 5

Drop Shipping

You guessed it punters, today I am starting my drop shipping adventure.

“But you have just started three other things ” I hear you say.

Yes……Yes I have and the more things I start to embark on at once the more it seems to feed and fuel my drive and excitement.

This new side hustle was always in the background but I just didn’t seem to be listening or be ready.

In the last few days I have listened to podcasts on this very subject which has given me the push to just take the plunge and try yet another way to supplement my income.

What is Drop Shipping you say, well please read on.

First I must make this clear and inform you that I have done bugger all homework on the products and completed zero market research on pricing, I have done this on purpose in an effort to keep it simple and allow me to just make a start.

Here is what I did in point form for you

  1. Listened to podcasts outlining instructions on drop shipping.
  2. Found a product on Amazon (LED smart RGB light globe was my first choice) purely because I like new technology and they are cheap.
  3. Saved the pics,specs and descriptions from the Amazon product onto my laptop.
  4. Created my EBay account and uploaded all the copied details of the globe from Amazon onto eBay and up for sale
  5. I looked at the Amazon price and postage fees and then went over to eBay and marked it up slightly
  6. Downloaded the eBay app to my phone so I could monitor.

The plan is that when someone see’s your product on eBay and places the order, they will transfer the funds into your account. You then use those funds to purchase the item from Amazon and ship it direct to your buyer.

They did warn of a couple things.

Make sure your suppliers have stock.

Make sure you check the supplier prices..

Apparently there is some software to help with this and if I decide to use it I’ll let you know..

Fingers crossed for me, if this works you should get amongst it yourself.

Stay tuned for more.

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Dreaming Of The Future

Paul McCartney

Awoke from a dream with a tune playing in his mind which later went on to be the massive hit Yesterday

So does this mean my dreams can come true? Dam Skippy it does and if my dream from last night is anything to go on it will be exciting and scary all at the same time.


take you to places that feel so familiar even though you’ve never seen them before it, last night was no different for me as I drove down a dark foggy road in my mind. Arriving at a T junction I take a left turn and notice a large white vehicle much like an OKA, if you haven’t seen one Google OKA Vehicles Australia and you’ll see what I mean.


Is how this vehicle appeared as it was attempting to turn around but noticed I was following and began to gallop fastly ahead sliding into a corner like a wet dog running on tiles and then continuing down the road.

So I am looking at an OKA type vehicle with passengers inside but legs instead of wheels, WTF I am Thinking even in my dream haha.

The trip down the road continues but I think to myself that this is the ultimate off-road machine able to climb and jump up just about anything. 4LD Four Leg Drive.

Robotic Trimmer

Is the only way I can describe the next contraption I drive upon. This time it is a little more freaky as this Edward Scissorhands type looking tall metal robot stares at me on my approach.

I pull around the machine and pull up next to a man standing in the night.

He looks like an American state trooper with the hat and glasses even though it’s night time. His only job is to watch the machine incase it decides to attack people. As I learn this, the robot stares at me again and his gaze is freaky as.

I drive off only to be woken up by my little fella running in to say good morning.

The dream sticks with me all day as I think about the places that vehicle could go using legs, I also think that the technology to allow you to be inside a running vehicle and still enjoy a smooth ride would be another amazing invention of its own.

Then to have large robots that can attend tree falls or prune and trim tree and bushes through the night would be awesome. Less disruption to traffic flow. Why not build them with a mulcher and supply the mulch to households to assist water usage.

We don’t always remember our dreams but apparently we do always dream.

I have recently learnt that Caffeine even if you feel unaffected by it, disrupts your Sleep Pattern and should not be consumed after 2pm. I will be trying this for a week in the near future and will let you know the outcome.

As always I appreciate the feedback and support. Don’t forget you can comment, share or email me. Thank you

Happy Dreaming.

Podcast Bonanza


Today my excitement levels lifted through the roof due to learning about Blue Origin and the founder Jeff Bezos.

I listened to a podcast filled with Jeff Bezos answering questions about Amazon, business and Blue Origin.

If you are not aware already he is working flat out trying to get Hoomans into the future with space tourism and travel. His drive to offer a new lifestyle option to the next generations is nothing but awesome.

I still wonder if we could manage to make mind transferring possible we could eliminate the need for oxygen and make our move off this planet so. Much quicker but there are so many issues that could cause for us as a race.

Blue Origin project New Shepard allows you to put your name down and jump on the waiting list for a tiki tour into space, experience weightlessness and became the ultimate adventurer.

If we can develop a way to live in the weightless environment of space it makes our dreams of hover boards, hover cars and other flying contraptions a real possibility.

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk really awaken the inventor child within me as they reach for the so called Impossible.

Hopefully one day you’ll seey name of the net,

Mr Random Creates The First City In Space

We could even create a sort of force field type ozone layer and still a turd load of solar panels just into orbit to power earth.

I’ll leave you with this, If you had a dreams of inventing or had visions of things that seemed to be impossible or improbable please re-awaken those dreams/visions and feed yourself content around these subjects as you may hold the key to our future.

Don’t let your mind be the final frontier.