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Making Money Guinea Pig

I’m your little piggy

I have been searching for ways to make money online, working from home, working for yourself and doing online marketing for so many years on and off I’ve come to the conclusion that unless I actually spend some money owning(renting) my on web address and pages I am just not going to get anywhere fast.

This is a risk in itself that I have never been that keen on taking as you may well know already, I like change and I get bored so applying myself to something that can take years to build was always going to be a challenge.

There are Sooooooo many bloody hints and tips online it gets overwhelming and confusing so here is the plan I have come up with in my super powered brain. I will be your guinea pig and try out a few things, as I go along I will blog about it and fill you in on any sites or information you can use to get your yellow brick road to financial freedom started.

For all you fellow bloggers out there feel free to leave comments that could help out potential punters and offer a warm cuddle to those struggling but determined to make a difference to their own financial situations.

As I’ve said before, I will only write about things that interest me and I care about so feel free to read this information and share it around so we can all have a week bite of the sweet pie of success.

To start things off for now I will give you a quick run down of my current situation.

Started a new blog page(this one through WordPress )  paid up for a year so I can give it a good go. If you go for a free version your options, layouts and advertising can be minimised if not completely unavailable. I then created a page off the back of my facebook account,  the rules have changed and you can no longer post directly on to facebook so you need to view the blog post and click the sharing button and copy to clipboard. You can then go to your facebook page and create a post and paste the link that way. I have done this with all of my posts to date.

Once they were all copied to facebook I have run a one day promotion on the facebook page and selected four countries and tags. This cost $7.

I will report back with more information about how the promotion goes and how many likes/comments I receive if any.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any questions .

Cheers and I’ll keep you posted



Fit ish to Fatter ish

Aaarrgghh I’m Slipping

I know in a previous blog I gave you the answers to be fit and healthy ( Eat Healthy and Exercise ) but is it that easy or was I just being an arrogant smart ass?

I can tell you I went from just over a flabby 105kg down to a more muscular 85kg which took alot of hard work and discipline over a 2 year period,  but lately with some big lifestyle changes I have slipped back up to mid 90’s and feel like my gut has ballooned all of sudden.

This has been very depressing as I find my trusty boardies even too tight.          If you listen closely you can hear the velcro that holds them together slowing losing its grip on life and being torn apart. And don’t think about lifting your arms too high because the slim fit shirt your wearing is just waiting to slide up and expose your manly gut curves to the world.

Mentally I feel as if it’s too hard to cut out the foods I enjoy and increase the exercise level, I feel too tired and struggle to motivate myself,  I think this is just a big viscous cycle that so many people get trapped in for life.

The difference between me and my former self is that I am determined to get my shit sorted and get back on the trim, fit and healthy train,  but be warned punters as the ride there is rough and you’ll be thrown off at every corner or detour.  The most important thing is to realise you’ve fallen and get back up and on board ASAP.

What happens when you become unattractive, can you blame your partner or someone else? If you have the ability physically to exercise and to eat healthier than look into ways of introducing very small amounts of exercise and food into your daily life.  I find this the best for me as it is easy to reach targets that are smaller and less time consuming.

My daughter and I have recently started doing our own miny bootcamp which is great for our relationship but also a perfect start back into the exercise lifestyle I used to lead. I will monitor my progress and report back.

I will put some blogs up here and there about my journey back to healthy food and lifestyle. Feel free to share your story with us to please .

I’m now also on facebook so please share anything you have enjoyed with your friends and leave me some feedback or comments.

Until then, happy living






Body For Sale

Transfer Your Mind Today

Elon Musk are you listening? I’ll be straight up ordering me that ripped bronze body with the bigger than “average” dong when the day comes and I’m too old to walk or wipe my own butt. Will it be like Pokemon and we can only see the digitally transferred minds through an app living in a cyber world?

Or would I order myself a new age robotic body with super strength, I think I’ll have multiple bodies like clothes in my wardrobe. Just pick one you feel like wearing on the day.

Imagine the growth in population when no one really dies.

I think we after life mind transferring people could start a new life on other planets as our new host bodies probably won’t need oxygen or food, I just hope we can feel, taste, have all of our working “sense’s” and of course communicate normally.

This subject is being discussed more often on the net and like the ever exploding world of robot technology we could be living on digitally….. forever.

The best thing about these ideas for me is the possibility of helping people escape their broken, Ill, dying bodies and giving them the life they could never have had. Maybe we could set our sights on this advancement instead of trying to cure broken bodies or would the world lose its grip on reality ?

More to come on this subject

Mind Out

Autonomous Escort

I’m A curious person

This leads me to very interesting thoughts and ideas of things that may exist in the future like an auto wash shower where you just stand there and be washed or an escort parlour full of robots available to fulfill your every need and fantasy. Will they have a Backpage website and online robotic porn?

I don’t know about you but the thought of having sex with a machine is not a turn on, it would have to be so lifelike and able to respond to me physically and verbally. There is an energy transfer when humans/animals touch so can they give the robots special powers to trick our senses?

Would they have a smell about them and will they be able to change appearance at your command?

So many questions and uses around the looming autonomous revolution. Life as we know it is changing rapidly and I think it’s fascinating to see and be apart of.

Boston Dynamics may be releasing their robotic dog Spot mini into stores before the end of the year as they plan to kick off production by the end of this year.

There is outrunner the speedy little bot and Sooooooo many others that are helping humans to set sail into the unknown waters called our future.

So would you have an issue being close with robotic machines autonomous or not?

Time will tell people

Tick Tock

Top Money Making Tip’S for 2019

Do you want financial freedom?

These exciting words echo through so many internet self-help sites. They get you all warm and juicy and then ask for you to subscribe, better than that they give you positive sayings and basic steps you already know.

I’ve read these types of sites over and over again wishing I would stumble across the secret rich club that would pick me up and cradle me to richness. No I’m not that lucky team and I assume you aren’t either.

Firstly I don’t think there is anything wrong with those positive sayings, yes nearly everyone of them I see annoy the crap out of me but at least 1 out of 10 I can relate too. This is where open mindedness and understanding come in and should be used in every part of life.

If you see something annoying that you know someone else would enjoy,  just keep walking and keep your negative thoughts to yourself.

Unfortunately the positive sayings still didn’t magically make me rich.

Then we move onto the simply obvious steps you could take.  Some suggestions follow

Create a budget,  plan your expenses , pick up a second job , read “The Barefoot Investor ” ( I did and I really enjoyed it),  go see a financial planner, sell stuff on eBay,  have a garage sale and blog to become an online affiliate marketer millionaire.

What about those email subscriptions you rack up, I feel molested by companies and pages that use subscriptions as they enter my email violently and fill it with shit. If you want to run a subscription service that’s fine, just be aware I/We can see straight through your plans so make sure you go forth with dignity, pride and honesty in whatever you decide to do. Give people something fulfilling and share with us what you enjoy and if we are interested we will listen.

Here is the plan I have so far and just to be clear this is not a guarantee but a small overview of how I see myself becoming more wealthy financially and mentally.

Follow barefoot investor as much as possible

Keep hustling deals and swaps

Find Gold (sooner plz)

Work hard and always have the I’m ready to climb attitude

Realise that I get bored of things and drop them,  it doesn’t mean all is lost so keep moving on exciting options

Read more self-help books and websites

Network with like minded people where possible

Let go of issues and get the ideas down on paper

Set dates or occasionally remind myself to re-evaluate why, how and what of my future

Use compounding in every aspect of growingy wealth

Get back into exercising daily and eating well. Look good feel good

The list goes on forever and I hope you get the idea. For those of us who didn’t have fortune given to us or weren’t  skilled enough to have an overnight success, we will need to work hard and from multiple angles to increase our chances of getting to our goals.

Life is hard but you can be harder

Get money