Where Did The Adventure Begin?

Was it the time I thought I’d build a robot to go to preschool in my place?

Was it when I was around 6 when I built my first basic electric test light?

Was it the time I electrocuted myself trying to rebuild a perfectly good bedside lamp at around 8 ?

Could have been around 9 trying to build my own disco light using a record player and a torch among other things?

Was it the day when I was around 10 that I realised I could buy something from one place and sell it elsewhere for profit?

Around 11 buying at garage sales and swapmeets and on selling to others

Maybe when I was 12 and trying to run a local Retic installation and gardening pocket money business with a couple school mates?

There are many memories like these that I have forgotten along the way,

Memories that show me my drive, inquisitive nature and wild plans have always been there quietly sleeping,

It’s all been lying dormant waiting for me to wake back up from my conforming slumber!

This clearly shows me that I lost myself in the journey too.

Looking back at how I interacted with the world before I found myself conditioned and changed in hope of fitting Into society is very important.

In those innocent day’s we would do anything that we found interesting or enjoyable and do it without a concern for anyone else’s opinion.

Be truly who you are and start the long, slow and enjoyable journey of self discovery.

So much hate and a major lack of understanding create a horrible stench and a heavy weight on social media and life today. You need to know and love yourself to survive the chaos.

Putting It All Together

Gather up your fond memories, write them down and study them hard.

Get to know your inner child, the inner You, the you that gets pure joy from something simple, the you that offers love and enjoys being loved.

The you that can endure the world.

If you are able to really connect with your self the doors to living a free and happy life begin to open in every direction.

But never stop searching for yourself , it is the hunt of your life, one that never ends!

I would love to know what things you did as a child that help to now shape your future.

Please leave me a comment, share and like and show some love.

Hooroo for now

Thank You

Death Of Brick And Mortar Shops

Who’s Fault is it?

We are all to blame for the ever constant struggle smaller shop owners face everyday. How are you supposed to cover rent and fee’s when they are so high it’s nearly impossible to sustain. Unfortunately this isn’t the once upon a deadpool story you were hoping for.

Let’s buy our own commercial property you say, and why wouldn’t you think about taking this step Hmmmmmmm? Then you actually see what you have to pay to “own” a commercial property and the ongoing fee’s and expenses you must keep up with and suddenly the E-commerce way of life seems to be the common sense path to take. No or little overheads and more profit for ya pocket yezzzz pleazzzze.

Small business is struggling and changing, no one knows how its going to look in the future so best you buckle up sunny, this tracks bumpy as.

We Are Shit Employees

I don’t believe that many people actually appreciate their jobs anymore, yes things were harder back in the day and conditions weren’t as fair but at least in general people were proud of where they worked and their job was precious to them. Nowadays the majority of us are job whores, jumping from one place to the next depending on who’s paying more.

Again it comes back to us, supply and demand guy’s, we want more and for less and so we must work harder with less staff for less pay to keep prices down and to be competitive. Simple math.

You Are Not Immune

Just like the new parent with new ideas about vaccines and if they need them. You are not immune to the cause of effects we place on the economy. If you think you buy only locally sourced goods and services you are still feeding in to the bigger picture. How do we fix this mess?

Bloody good question that, one that someone much smarter than me who is qualified and knowledgeable should be able to answer. Or is it all just a conspiracy?

the world is full of deceit and bull shit mixed with manipulation and persuasion. This makes for a messy drunken ending every time.

So many different ideas and thoughts have been presented previously around this topic and I’m sure it will be no different this time around either. I don’t have the answers I only have my observations and thoughts which are ever changing due to my open mindedness.

Please if you have a positive idea or comment then please leave it below.


How To Stay Happy

I had a moment today

One of those moments when you are somewhere familiar, a park that I grew up in to be exact. I was lucky growing up with a park at the end of my street that connected me with life long friends and a place I spent alot of time in with my sister.

I was sitting there today with my kids, it had been the first warm day hinting of the season change to come, I could smell the familiar scent of the local trees and grasses, The way the sun sneaks through the trees and the colour it spreads across the green grass, as I look around I see the typical garden in the area which surround me with comfort, memories flood into my tired brain and I’m filled with excitement.

Holy shit I laugh to myself quietly as I realise that the excitement I am feeling is driven by the park and memories. This is the excitement I fealt as a kid and had been feeling quite a lot lately with all my adventures and education into side hustling.

As I was growing up I was filled the energy of life and the endless possibilities and places it could take me. Back then I thought I could be a soldier or a millionaire. I could drive a flash as car and travel all the time. Who was going to stop me?

Society Was Going To Stop Me

I moulded myself away from the outrageous risk taking adventure to the reliable and expected path of career and solid foundation.

I can’t complain too much as it has lead me to my queen and kids as if I had to catch the bus of life to the most generic stops and wait for them to board, now they are on the bus it can go anywhere we want.

This new thinking has reignited something inside of me, the awakening of my mind to the option of following dreams and making them a reality.

If there was a gas leak I would have caused an explosion due to the sparks flying around my soul.

The Excitement Of Life

Is back and the fire is getting brighter and brighter with every action I take towards my goals.

What’s happening is life is starting to look how it did as a kid. I now believe that I can do anything and be anyone again. My goal of being financially free, sharing the wealth with family and travelling the world can and will happen. It is going to happen because I am determined and driven. I am Pumped.

I am just plain F*@k’n excited about it all.

Can this simple switch to reignite life be the answer to so many people’s problems? I’m not sure as I still have my down and angry points but they don’t last as long as they used to.

I can tell you that now I know what the type of excitement is that I am feeling, I will embrace it and allow it to flow through me and my family.

If you think back to when you were a kid what excited you about life? If you had a poor upbringing what kept you going? Maybe you can start your journey of discovery and be reunited with the drive for life.

I am interested to hear your thoughts people.

If you like the idea of being excited about life then please share it with those close to you.

Happy days

Trim Yourselves Men

Get Yoself A Manpering Today

Go get a haircut with a head massage and wash included, Get that beard trimmed and treated, Get those eye brows trimmed and shaped for you are a bloody warrior hunter and king in a  dirty  world………

Don’t stop there lads,  take your ass home and get out the old trusty clippers and have a trim around the breakfast bar,  the old snag and eggs,  the dangle bag and skin flag. Especially if you expect your partner to do so!

“Just be careful if using lower numbers when trimming that your sack doesn’t get cut by the clippers”

Once I started trimming I couldn’t stop as you finish the trim you feel so clean and tidy. The washing experience is much smoother as the skin lathers up and it’s all meet and no salad when you grab and hand full.

I’ve seen some pretty hairy people around so I think the Manpering revolution needs to start now.

“What do we want”

“Massages and to be fussed over by ladies”

“When do we want it”

” Now ”

That’s the war cry my random ninja warriors will scream in the street.

I’ll leave it here for now.

Happy Trimming