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Top Money Making Tip’S for 2019

Do you want financial freedom?

These exciting words echo through so many internet self-help sites. They get you all warm and juicy and then ask for you to subscribe, better than that they give you positive sayings and basic steps you already know.

I’ve read these types of sites over and over again wishing I would stumble across the secret rich club that would pick me up and cradle me to richness. No I’m not that lucky team and I assume you aren’t either.

Firstly I don’t think there is anything wrong with those positive sayings, yes nearly everyone of them I see annoy the crap out of me but at least 1 out of 10 I can relate too. This is where open mindedness and understanding come in and should be used in every part of life.

If you see something annoying that you know someone else would enjoy,  just keep walking and keep your negative thoughts to yourself.

Unfortunately the positive sayings still didn’t magically make me rich.

Then we move onto the simply obvious steps you could take.  Some suggestions follow

Create a budget,  plan your expenses , pick up a second job , read “The Barefoot Investor ” ( I did and I really enjoyed it),  go see a financial planner, sell stuff on eBay,  have a garage sale and blog to become an online affiliate marketer millionaire.

What about those email subscriptions you rack up, I feel molested by companies and pages that use subscriptions as they enter my email violently and fill it with shit. If you want to run a subscription service that’s fine, just be aware I/We can see straight through your plans so make sure you go forth with dignity, pride and honesty in whatever you decide to do. Give people something fulfilling and share with us what you enjoy and if we are interested we will listen.

Here is the plan I have so far and just to be clear this is not a guarantee but a small overview of how I see myself becoming more wealthy financially and mentally.

Follow barefoot investor as much as possible

Keep hustling deals and swaps

Find Gold (sooner plz)

Work hard and always have the I’m ready to climb attitude

Realise that I get bored of things and drop them,  it doesn’t mean all is lost so keep moving on exciting options

Read more self-help books and websites

Network with like minded people where possible

Let go of issues and get the ideas down on paper

Set dates or occasionally remind myself to re-evaluate why, how and what of my future

Use compounding in every aspect of growingy wealth

Get back into exercising daily and eating well. Look good feel good

The list goes on forever and I hope you get the idea. For those of us who didn’t have fortune given to us or weren’t  skilled enough to have an overnight success, we will need to work hard and from multiple angles to increase our chances of getting to our goals.

Life is hard but you can be harder

Get money

Letting Creativity Flow

Thoughts running around in circles?

You’re not alone in this frustrating situation us ideas people find ourselves in regularly.  You try to think but there is an imaginary dam in your vision blocking the flow and the same ideas you have tried or thought up keep rising to the surface and dribble through.

I google flat out trying to find the answers to unlocking my creativity and potential, I listen to self hypnosis for creativity,   I listen to audio books for tips on life’s “simple” dilemmas,  I stalk well known successful entrepreneurs online and I join sites/pages to make sure I catch every little secret.

At multiple points I come to the conclusion I am not different or creative and I give up and say  “Social media bores me” or “All these stories about success are lies” or even ” every single option online is a scam”

Then I read somewhere about writing your ideas down,  It couldn’t be this simple for me could it?  I grabbed a little notepad my daughter had purchased for me as a gift and wrote down some notes at the front to remind me why I have filled in this notepad. What those notes were I cannot remember right now but they worked. I think they were

Constant Change, Life Excitement & Creativity.

I would half write down one idea and start on the next.  Before I knew it I had filled nearly half the notepad with all the ideas that had been haunting me and some new ones I had just imagined.

Look out now I laughed to myself as I awaited the barrage of new thoughts and ideas to start flowing Haha can’t stop me now puckers.

I will admit that a couple new ideas did arise but not as quickly as I thought and I was left sitting there naked in my mind stuck at the same place I was before. How hard is it to be creative, Look at all the amazing people and accomplishments around the world and I am stuck here with my newest invention idea of an interactive board/figurine game for the new age’s, one where you can have two mums or Dad’s in any nationality from wherever in the world you want. I pictured the steam punk funky cafes with lighting, waterways with SUP’s ( stand up paddle boards) and kayaks, shops and kitchens where you score for healthiness and finally gyms to keep your characters healthy.

And yes I did submit my idea to a well known toy brand and was knocked back.  I was given some advice but that is for another blog.

In the following months I investigated most of my ideas,  some had already been done and others were nowhere to be found online. I sent many emails and even spent six months creating a facebook page again a story for another blog. I purchased magnets and set about creating a motor powered generator that would supply me with free power.

At least I was having a crack at it all.

The main discovery I made on letting creative flow for me was the ability to get the ideas out of  your head and down on paper for review or to be auctioned. In doing this it allowed me to free up mental space for other areas in life that were lacking and eventually allowed me the brain power to become creative once again.

For me it goes in circles and has done from the time I sold my first item to a pawn shop for double the price I had bought it for. I get a massive hit of drive and creativity, then it simmers down again.

Luckily I have done some self discovery and know I like change so when one idea or hobby bores me I move along to something that excites me and feel comfortable in my mind knowing that I will revisit the things I let go if and when I feel like it.


If you are going to take any guides away from this I would suggest these


1 :Get your ideas/thoughts out by writing, drawing or sharing.

2 :Stop trying to do things that others want or you think others want and concentrate on what you enjoy.

3 :Compound ideas, just like you do with Investing,  increase your chances of finding your way.

4: Allow your mind to be free and don’t force it to be creative, let it flow naturally without blockage.

5: Give yourself credit and a allow yourself the confidence to ride the ups and downs in life and success.


I hope you enjoy this random story and find it helpful in some way .


Autonomous Lifestyle

The future is delicious

The once long awake road trips could be a thing of history to a certain extent considering in the near future you should be able to jump in your autonomous cars and plan your trip just before nodding off to sleep and waking at your destination. I can already see Tesla charging stations popping up everywhere which is new in the landscape. Does this mean the end for the number of short distance flights taken or an increase in travel to destinations you once would have cringed at driving to?

Either way I’m excited, going into your app store and downloading programs for your travel, watching movies or eating meals whilst your vehicle avoids obstacles and makes decisions on your behalf, Will we even have driving licenses in the future…. I doubt it

What’s to stop the autonomous car companies or breakdown services from having drones that can come and collect you and your vehicle when broken down or crashed and deliver you quickly to your destination or hospital. Why can’t we just use drones and fly at low heights to our destinations saving the expense of fully maintaining roads and allowing us access to flooded or damaged areas easily and safely.

The future is energising and full of wonder, the uses of autonomous machines is endless of course and we will become even more lazy to some degree. I believe as we enter the age of self driven and propelled machines we should train the next generations on fitness, healthy eating and family so the extra free time can be spent building healthier happier lives.

I can’t wait to have my autonomous car, house cleaning robot, yard maintaining robot and of course more free time.

Waymo are already working hard on this technology and the amount of autonomous developing companies will increase majorly once it all takes off.

One of my biggest concerns is obviously for the working class person who will lose their jobs as the robot work force increases it’s capabilities, this has been happening since we made our first inventions and will never end. Let’s hope we can plan not only for the use of technology but the process of minimising it’s damage to society.

To all the future readers this wee blog was manually written by a human because back in the old days that’s what we did. Before the stories could be transmitted straight into your head.


What Do You Enjoy

Priorities Change And You Lose Yourself

This I discovered as a parent of two kiddies under 10, I have fully committed myself to my relationship and family whilst leaving very little time to myself.  In doing so I had forgotten about all the hobbies and activities I used to enjoy which ranged from Riding Dirt Bikes, Body Boarding, Playing Drums, Electronics, Gaming and having a bachelor approach to paying bills and living off canned spaghetti and toast.


When this was discovered I went on what could only be described as a journey of self discovery ( still on the journey ) to try and bring back some of life’s happiness.  Figuring out what turns ya gears is harder than you would think and so I went through multiple hobbies, putting one down due to boredom before starting another. Luckily for me Wifey is supportive and always gives an excited ear to listen to my adventures.

The first things about myself I discovered is that I enjoy change and trying new things within reason and that I still loved the idea of inventing and being an ideas man.

Using my google research skills I stumbled across toy inventing and selling ideas to major companies.  I have not had any success with this yet but when I got my first rejection back from a large toy company Matel I was super pumped and felt successful,  Wifey was just as excited as me.  Who would have thought I would ever receive an email back from such a well known company.  This was not the last company I submitted ideas too and  it’s still a dream to successfully sell an idea and receive royalties from doing so.

The rush gave me a feeling of happiness in life that I never thought I would feel again. To be well known as a successful business man along with my drive to succeed as well as coming up with exciting new concepts and inventions is always something I felt deep down inside would eventually happen. There has always been slow burning embers that have fed my need to hustle on the side my whole life. Wether it be buying and selling, swapping(mainly on gumtree), finding treasures to on sell,  or thinking of different ways I could make money.


The search for life fulfillment is on going and I believe should never end as you constantly evolve to your surroundings and capabilities. I have many new hobbies and they are growing daily. Blogging, Gold Prospecting, Treasure Hunting, Fitness and Ninja Warrior style training,  Good Food,  Family, Watching series and movies, the list goes on and there is too many to list.

The idea is that you start the search and dont be to depressed If you get bored with one hobby,  put it down and move on as you may revisit it later on.

I hope to share my adventures with you on this site and let you know when I’m successful in order to give you that no BS info you want hot off the press.