10 Ways To Earn Extra Money In 2019

These next ten ideas are not original and they are not going to make you filthy rich overnight.

They can be done with little or no money and you can learn alot about yourself and others along the way.

You can google these things all day long and still find new and old ideas so why not give these buggers a go!

  1. Collect Scrap Metal, opening this can of worms can lead you down the path to discarded gold as you learn what metals to collect and how.
  2. Drop Ship, you can buy from one online store and on sell through another shipping the item directly but be careful as you may need to warrant what you sell.
  3. Upcycling, this can be a very rewarding experience as you revive worn out furniture and other stuff to sell to a new owner.
  4. Buy and sell at markets, there are advantages to be had if you can find items to buy in bulk and on sell to others who would otherwise not be able to purchase separately
  5. Get a second job, obvious one I know but some people never consider the thought of an easy casual second job as a good and reliable way to supplement their income.
  6. Create your own home made items. It could be candles, jewellery, food, art. Basically anything you enjoy making that not everybody can make.
  7. Start a new small business taking advantage of a skill or qualifications you have in your arsenal.
  8. Write a book, podcast or blog, taking advantage of companies wanting to advertise to you fans.
  9. Find a website that allows you to make shirts/caps etc and supplies you with a platform to sell said products quickly and easily. You never know if you could be the next big brand!
  10. Educate yourself, using the vast landscape of tools provided to you on the net. There is sure to be a course or reputable source of information and knowledge helping you to become smarter and worth more to your current employer. This can give you the leg up to a pay rise or another role which pays more because of your newly found knowledge.

Making Money Tips

I could sit here until my elbows and neck ache from holding the phone writing down different ways you could make extra money.

I have personally tried most of these ideas myself and made a few extra dollars on the side. I am never going to lie and say that the money will come without effort, the biggest pointer I can give you is to find yourself first and then discover your true passions. Turn these passions into a new way to make money that only you do. Be individual and be yourself.

If anyone throws criticism in your path realise that you know who you are and what you enjoy.

Strength and Courage Come When Your Guts Says Don’t Do It And You Say Piss Off Mate And Do It Anyway.

Take a risk and give one of these ideas a go. Please like and leave a comment.

Especially if you have some good money making tips, blogs or ideas

Thank you


Where Did The Adventure Begin?

Was it the time I thought I’d build a robot to go to preschool in my place?

Was it when I was around 6 when I built my first basic electric test light?

Was it the time I electrocuted myself trying to rebuild a perfectly good bedside lamp at around 8 ?

Could have been around 9 trying to build my own disco light using a record player and a torch among other things?

Was it the day when I was around 10 that I realised I could buy something from one place and sell it elsewhere for profit?

Around 11 buying at garage sales and swapmeets and on selling to others

Maybe when I was 12 and trying to run a local Retic installation and gardening pocket money business with a couple school mates?

There are many memories like these that I have forgotten along the way,

Memories that show me my drive, inquisitive nature and wild plans have always been there quietly sleeping,

It’s all been lying dormant waiting for me to wake back up from my conforming slumber!

This clearly shows me that I lost myself in the journey too.

Looking back at how I interacted with the world before I found myself conditioned and changed in hope of fitting Into society is very important.

In those innocent day’s we would do anything that we found interesting or enjoyable and do it without a concern for anyone else’s opinion.

Be truly who you are and start the long, slow and enjoyable journey of self discovery.

So much hate and a major lack of understanding create a horrible stench and a heavy weight on social media and life today. You need to know and love yourself to survive the chaos.

Putting It All Together

Gather up your fond memories, write them down and study them hard.

Get to know your inner child, the inner You, the you that gets pure joy from something simple, the you that offers love and enjoys being loved.

The you that can endure the world.

If you are able to really connect with your self the doors to living a free and happy life begin to open in every direction.

But never stop searching for yourself , it is the hunt of your life, one that never ends!

I would love to know what things you did as a child that help to now shape your future.

Please leave me a comment, share and like and show some love.

Hooroo for now

Thank You

Letting Creativity Flow

Thoughts running around in circles?

You’re not alone in this frustrating situation us ideas people find ourselves in regularly.  You try to think but there is an imaginary dam in your vision blocking the flow and the same ideas you have tried or thought up keep rising to the surface and dribble through.

I google flat out trying to find the answers to unlocking my creativity and potential, I listen to self hypnosis for creativity,   I listen to audio books for tips on life’s “simple” dilemmas,  I stalk well known successful entrepreneurs online and I join sites/pages to make sure I catch every little secret.

At multiple points I come to the conclusion I am not different or creative and I give up and say  “Social media bores me” or “All these stories about success are lies” or even ” every single option online is a scam”

Then I read somewhere about writing your ideas down,  It couldn’t be this simple for me could it?  I grabbed a little notepad my daughter had purchased for me as a gift and wrote down some notes at the front to remind me why I have filled in this notepad. What those notes were I cannot remember right now but they worked. I think they were

Constant Change, Life Excitement & Creativity.

I would half write down one idea and start on the next.  Before I knew it I had filled nearly half the notepad with all the ideas that had been haunting me and some new ones I had just imagined.

Look out now I laughed to myself as I awaited the barrage of new thoughts and ideas to start flowing Haha can’t stop me now puckers.

I will admit that a couple new ideas did arise but not as quickly as I thought and I was left sitting there naked in my mind stuck at the same place I was before. How hard is it to be creative, Look at all the amazing people and accomplishments around the world and I am stuck here with my newest invention idea of an interactive board/figurine game for the new age’s, one where you can have two mums or Dad’s in any nationality from wherever in the world you want. I pictured the steam punk funky cafes with lighting, waterways with SUP’s ( stand up paddle boards) and kayaks, shops and kitchens where you score for healthiness and finally gyms to keep your characters healthy.

And yes I did submit my idea to a well known toy brand and was knocked back.  I was given some advice but that is for another blog.

In the following months I investigated most of my ideas,  some had already been done and others were nowhere to be found online. I sent many emails and even spent six months creating a facebook page again a story for another blog. I purchased magnets and set about creating a motor powered generator that would supply me with free power.

At least I was having a crack at it all.

The main discovery I made on letting creative flow for me was the ability to get the ideas out of  your head and down on paper for review or to be auctioned. In doing this it allowed me to free up mental space for other areas in life that were lacking and eventually allowed me the brain power to become creative once again.

For me it goes in circles and has done from the time I sold my first item to a pawn shop for double the price I had bought it for. I get a massive hit of drive and creativity, then it simmers down again.

Luckily I have done some self discovery and know I like change so when one idea or hobby bores me I move along to something that excites me and feel comfortable in my mind knowing that I will revisit the things I let go if and when I feel like it.


If you are going to take any guides away from this I would suggest these


1 :Get your ideas/thoughts out by writing, drawing or sharing.

2 :Stop trying to do things that others want or you think others want and concentrate on what you enjoy.

3 :Compound ideas, just like you do with Investing,  increase your chances of finding your way.

4: Allow your mind to be free and don’t force it to be creative, let it flow naturally without blockage.

5: Give yourself credit and a allow yourself the confidence to ride the ups and downs in life and success.


I hope you enjoy this random story and find it helpful in some way .